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Is the Hub compatible with different power supplies?

We recommend using the power supply included with your Hub.

If I replace the Hub, will I have to re-configure everything?

Yes. You will need to delete your account and re-create your account and re-install your devices.

Does the Hub store any of my account information?

The Hub does not store any personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

How many hubs do I require if I have a large home?

You only require 1 Hub for your home.

How many Hubs do I require if I have 2 separate homes?

You will require 1 Hub for each home.

How does the Smartika Hub connect to a Wi-Fi Router?

The Smartika Hub will only connect to a Wi-Fi Router via an Ethernet cable. (Cable included with Hub)

This makes it more secure and easier to install and configure your Hub.

Where should I position the Smartika Hub in my home?

The Smartika Hub should be located at least 10 inches away from any Wi-Fi devices. (Including your router)

The Hub cable is 1-meter long.

Position your Hub in a centralized location that minimizes the distance between the Hub and your connected devices.

What is the Hub MAC address?

The MAC address is your unique hub identifier number. This identifier allows customer service to provide a better support to the user.

The physical number will be located under your hub and in your application located in Account/Hub.

Where do I find the Hub MAC address?

The MAC address is your unique hub identifier number. The physical number will be located under your hub and in your application located in Account/Hub.

How do I connect Smartika devices to the Hub?

Connecting your Smartika devices to the Hub takes place in the Smartika Mobile Application by going to “Add a Product” (+) in the Smartika Mobile Application shows you the steps to follow up to connect new Smartika connected devices.

How far can you install a device from a Hub?

The distance will vary base on sources of interferences.

ange between the Hub and devices can exceed a standard Wi-Fi range.

If I have a power outage, what happens when the power is re-stored?

Once your power is restored, your Smartika Hub and products will reconnect automatically to your last settings.

What happens if my Internet connection fails?

The Smartika Hub requires Internet to sync new products or to create new schedules or new scenes.

Without internet connections: your schedules will be inactive and you cannot make new device configurations.

However, you can still use your mobile devices in Local mode or the light controller(s) to control your devices. Pre-created scene controls are also still active without internet connections (While in LOCAL mode).

Therefore, once the Internet is restored, your Smartika Hub will again be able to sync new products or create new schedules or new scenes. All of your schedules will be automatically re-activated.

What happens if my Wi-Fi connection fails?

You will not be able to use your mobile devices. However, you will be able to use your light controllers to control your Smartika connected devices.

What happens if my Hub cannot sync with a device?

If possible, avoid barriers or change the placement of your Wi-Fi and Hub versus your devices for a clearer signal path. 

What are the different Smart Phone or Tablet Hub connection statuses visible in the Smartika Application?

In the application, go to Account, then Hub: to see your current Hub connection status:

  • Local = Defines as Smart Phone active with your Home Wi-Fi.
  • Remote = Defined as Smart Phone on 4G/3G/LTE Phone Network or other Wi-Fi network.
  • Offline = Defined as Smart Phone cannot connect 
    • Hub is offline
    • No network for the phone
How do I see the connection status directly on the Hub?

The hub Button light can indicate the following statuses:

  • Orbiting Button Light (heart beat) = Operational with active Wi-Fi Router and internet.
  • Flashing Button Light = Operational and in Discovery mode when activated by the application or by pressing the Hub button. (2-minutes)
    • This discovery mode will try to find and sync Smartika devices, after discovering devices: these can be added to your mobile application for further configurations.
  • Button Light ON = Operational without Internet or no wire connection from the Hub to the Wi-Fi Router.
  • Button Light OFF = Not-Operational, could be electricity situation or your hub is defective.
What is the Hub protocol used?

Between the Hub and Smartika connected devices, the Smartika Hub uses a reliable Mesh network.

Between the Hub and the Wi-Fi router, the Smartika Hub uses the Ethernet protocol via an Ethernet cable included in the box.

What are known Mesh Network interferences?

Things that could potentially interfere with Smartika devices:

  • Microwave ovens: Placing your device near your microwave oven might cause interference.

  • Direct Satellite Service (DSS): The coax cable and connectors used with some types of satellite dishes can cause interference. Check the cabling for damage that could cause radio frequency interference (RF leakage). Try replacement cables if you suspect interference.

  • Power Sources: Avoid placing your devices near power lines in a wall, or near a breaker box.

  • 2.4 GHz Cordless Phones: A cordless telephone that operates in the 2.4 GHz range can cause interference with wireless devices or networks while taking calls.

  • Wireless speakers: Wireless audio that operates in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth can cause interference with other wireless devices or networks.

  • Certain external monitors and LCD displays: Certain displays can emit harmonic interference, especially in the 2.4GHz band between channels 11 and 14. This interference might be stronger if you're using a notebook computer with the lid closed and have an external monitor connected. Try changing your access point to use 5 GHz or a lower 2.4 GHz channel.

  • Poorly shielded cabling: External hard drives or other devices with poorly shielded cabling can interfere with your Smartika devices. 

  • Other wireless devices: Other wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth (microwave transmitters, wireless cameras, baby monitors, a neighbor's Wi-Fi device) can cause interference Smartika devices.
How do various building construction materials affect the Smartika Mesh network?

Wood Barrier: Low potential interference

Glass Barrier: Low potential interference

Water Barrier: Medium potential interference

Bricks Barrier: Medium potential interference

Marble Barrier: Medium potential interference

Plaster Barrier: High potential interference

Concrete Barrier: High potential interference

Metal Barrier: Very High potential interference

How many Smartika products can my Hub support?

100 devices maximum.
45 groups and 20 devices maximum in a group

Installation Instructions


Connect the power supply to a power outlet and to the Hub. Connect the ethernet cable to the home Wi-Fi router and to the Hub.



Download the free Smartika App on your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google play. (Make sure that your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect the Hub to).



Create your own user account:
1. Enter your email address.
2. Create a password (minimum 6 digits).



Follow the step-by-step synchronization on the Smartika App.



You’re now ready to add any Smartika device through the Smartika pairing technology. Pair all your devices with the press of a button
(no pairing code and/or other complex operation required).

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