Smartika App

The free Smartika app connected to the Smartika Hub allows you to create your very own smart home. Control your Smartika devices and receive notifications at any time, anywhere in the world.



Customized products 

Whether you’re cooking or enjoying dinner with your family, you are in control of colour temperature and intensity, so it always feels just right.

Personalized automations

Set up your device preferences and your home will always react to your routine. The possibilities are endless. Wake up calmly with gradual lighting, change the colour from cool to warm white when the sun sets, and dim your lights as a bedtime reminder.


Simplified comfort

Create scenes that perfectly fit your mood or activity and save them for later. With one tap, your home will react to your desires. Ideal for a dinner party, movie night with the kids, and more.


Just a fancy word to say peace of mind. Leave the house knowing your products will turn off automatically and turn back on when you come home.


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